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BIHUS.Info war correspondent: Talking to our soldiers is stress relief for me

25.04.2023, 18:21
Photo: Anna Kalyuzhna on Facebook
Photo: Anna Kalyuzhna on Facebook

BIHUS.Info war correspondent Anna Kalyuzhna said that talking to soldiers is stress relief for her. She mentioned this in her interview with IMI.

According to Kalyuzhna, the project's managers repeatedly reminded her that she could contact a psychologist or a psychotherapist, but she has not yet made use of this opportunity.

"I don't go there, because for me, talking to our soliders is stress relief in itself And although the situation on the frontline is very difficult now, whenever you talk to people who are actually much worse off than you, they still realize that they have to keep up their work. I don't think I'm entitled to a retreat when there are people who don't have the right to it," Anna Kalyuzhna explained.

The journalist noted that her living conditions were "not the most terrible" now, and added:

"The best retreat is purging this scum from our land and then punishing these criminals. This is what can bring me back to normal."

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