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BBC filming crew comes under Russian fire in Kherson oblast

17.03.2023, 11:14
Photo: screenshot from the video by BBC/Daily Mail
Photo: screenshot from the video by BBC/Daily Mail

A BBC crew – reporter Victoria Zhuhan, cameraman Kevin McGregor, and producer Claire Press – came under Russian missile fire while reporting on aid workers in Mylove village, Kherson oblast, Daily Mail reports.

The journalists were following a group of volunteers. The attack happened as the volunteers were delivering aid packages to people in the deoccupied village.

As seen in the video, the journalists took cover near a wall first, and then ran towards the car. There were several explosions.

The volunteer Kostiantyn Tytarenko, who also filmed the aid drop, revealed in a video: "We are leaving. There was an artillery attack just now. It was so strong. I've never heard anything like it."

According to Daily Mail, it was the first aid that arrived in the small village of Mylove in the Kherson region in three weeks and people were visibly desperate to get their hands on much-needed supplies. Nobody was killed in the attacks according to Ukrainian authorities.

As IMI reported, in June, a BBC filming crew came under Russian fire in the Donbas.

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