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Attorneys of Shabunin released information that forensic exam results were fabricated

01.02.2018, 00:29
Attorneys of the Center for Counteraction to Corruption, Vitaliy Shabunin, declared that the results of the forensic examination could have been fabricated, and cannot be an evidence in the case on Vsevolod Filimonenko. This was reported on January 30 by Denis Ovcharov, attorney of Shabunin, in Dniprovskyi district court of Kyiv city, the website of the Center informs. According to Ovcharenko, the case was investigated “under instructions from above”, and is purely political, and the main evidence that is the  basis of the case, are, in fact, falsified. The attorney explained that he studied the examination documents, and did not find there originals of the documents from the first hospital that Filimonenko visited after being hit. The forensic examination conclusion itself has several inconsistencies, like traumas on both sides of the face ([after presumably a single punch]). Also, according to the attorney, there is no proof these traumas, that were found in 12 days after the incident itself, are related to the incident. Also, the attorney said that the court denied a request to get the compromised medical documents evaluated by independent experts. Shabunin's attorneys claim that the punch that their client delivered to Filimonenko in fact did not inflict any damage except breaking the Filimonenko's glasses. Instead, the prosecutors claim that there was an assault that caused "injuries of medium gravity", and, also, that this was the case of attacking the journalist to obstruct his work. IMI executive director Oksana Romaniuk commented on this case, saying that Shabunin's case is no related to journalist activities of Filimonov.
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