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Aseev, who is prisoner of "DPR", complains about health condition, Firsov says

21.03.2018, 14:59
Journalist Stanislav Aseev (Vasin), who is the prisoner of the self-proclaimed “DPR” starting from June 2017, complains about deterioration of his health condition. This was reported in Facebook entry by former MP, Yehor Firsov. “From time to time, his mother attempts to see Stas. Sometimes she is granted that opportunity. Stas is alive. Tries to hold on. But he complains about his health condition. He continues to suffer from chronic bronchitis, he had it since he was a child. Also, strong tooth ache”, he wrote. According to Firsov, the journalist is imprisoned on the territory of non-functioning factor, which many know as "Izoliatsiya”. “This is the building where DPR military set up a prison from the very start, where prisoners where held and tortured. Those who were there call this place a real concentration camp, where the prisoners are forced to work in the day time, and tortured at night”, he wrote. Also, Firsov reported that the “court” session on Aseev case is “constantly postponed” and drawn out. Also, the negotiations on Aseev's exchange via multiple channels - political, church, journalist - went nowhere and hit a dead end, Firsov informed.
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