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All Cherkassy printing houses refused to print the last local oppositional newspaper

22.03.2013, 03:47
 On March 20, 2013, Tyasmin printing house refused to print Nova Molod Cherkaschyny newspaper, Dzvin Internet-edition reported.

According to the Internet-edition, printing house director Anatoliy Kotov sent a letter to the editorial house, explaining that the issue cannot be printed because the newspaper do not have the appropriate documents. An hour before, the editorial office handed the necessary package of documents to Kotov. The money for printing services were transferred as early as on March 18.

Nova Molod Cherkaschyny is the only oppositional printed edition in the region. All the others - one way or another -are dependent on regional authorities, Dzvin reports. Moreover, the next issue of the publication was to place a big announcement about a picketing by the united opposition Cherkassy city and regional councils sessions on 21 and 22 March.

Several local printing houses refused to print the newspaper: Zvenigorodsky communal printing house, private printing house "Republic", and communal "Tyasmin."

However, the newspaper is available in the Internet.

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