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Akhmetov’s media holding intends to sue "Telekrytyka" because of "Wall of Shame"

30.05.2014, 22:09

The media holding “Media Grupa Ukraina” (MGU) owned by Rinat Akhmetov claims that the website “Telekrytyka” violated “the ethical principles of journalism and constitutional norms” by placing the names and photos of journalists from the ‘Ukraina’ TV channel on its ‘Wall of Shame’. The ‘Wall of Shame’ is a special project “Telekrytyka” runs: on a separate subdomain its readers are welcomed to share the names of journalists that lie about the events in Ukraine. Along with such behemoths as Dmytro Kyseliov, Volodymyr Soloviov, and Kostiantyn Ernst, several journalists of the ‘Ukraina’ TV channel – Yevhen Mikhin and Andriy Kuzakov.

According to the ‘Wall of Shame’, Mikhin was following the corporate agenda of the TV channel’s owner in his materials, followed the official propaganda against Maidan by belittling its events and significance and presenting the protests as extremely radical.  

The management of the “Media Grupa Ukraina” believes such description is a grave violation of the journalist’s rights and creates grounds for his victimization. This conflict might end in a lawsuit. 

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