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Office of public prosecutor instituted proceedings over surveillance of Tkach, journalist for “Schemes” as well

15.03.2019, 12:43
Фото -
The Office of public prosecutor in Kyiv has instituted the criminal proceedings due to surveillance by the security guards of Rinat Akhmetov over the TV crew for the program “Schemes: corruption in details”, as to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. On February 22nd, the police had instituted criminal proceedings due to complaint filed by Mykhaylo Tkach and Natalia Sedletska. But the prosecutor instituted the proceedings due to the delict, on the grounds ofinformation from the mass media. “We informed the prosecutor of proceedings instituted already by the investigative department and the prejudicial inquiry is held. The prosecutor had to communicate to the investigator who holds the inquiry at present in order to joint these proceedings”, as Oksana Maksymenyuk, lawyer of the journalists (from the Institute for development of regional press) told. IMI informed February 21st, the editorial board of the investigative program “Schemes: corruption in details” (common project of the Radio Free Europe and TV channel UA: Pershyy) claimed that during last six months, its journalist Mykhaylo Tkach and the TV crew of the program were systematically followed by the security guards of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. All cars that followed the TV crew belonged to the security company Delta-Donbas, final beneficiary of which is oligarch Rinat Akhmetov.
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