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1+1 Media debunks the fake about their presenter Yevhen Plinsky's "military journal"

26.10.2023, 11:34

1+1 Media denies the reports about their TV presenter and journalist Yevhen Plinsky joining the Ukrainian Armed Forces and creating a Telegram channel for his "military journal", reports the media holding's website.

The company said that Yevhen Plinsky still works on the TV channel and does not have any official social media pages besides his own Telegram channel and personal profiles on Facebook and YouTube.

"Obviously, the fake Telegram channel was created by scammers for their own purposes, which are unknown to us. In turn, we have already reported this fake resource to the internal monitoring system SUDUM to be blocked and call on all Ukrainians to be mindful of the content on suspicious pages and resources, especially those that are not verified," the statement reads.

Screenshot by the IMI

Yevhen Plinsky himself believes that the Telegram channel could have been created by Russians or pro-Russian forces for the new wave of psy-ops that aim to discredit the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine.

“Using a fake 'military journal', they can try to confuse the people and promote hostile narratives. So I urge the audience to be careful and report such fake resources," he said.

1+1 Media notes that there has been an rise in fake social media pages and messenger profiles of the outlets that are part of the media group.

The company notes that it is not responsible for the reliability of the information shared in these communities and urges the audience to only use the official social media pages of 1+1 Media.

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