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1+1 media addressed cyber police after exposing concealed cryptocurrency mining at the group's websites

20.10.2017, 09:47
“Department "1+1 digital" conducted an investigation and discovered that, using API of the company Newzmate, the browsers of news readers who were using the web-sites of the group got uploaded with a hidden script Сoin-hive from the domain for mining cryptocurrency Monero. This way, the fraudsters were using the website users' resources to make money without notifying them. After the discovery, the malware was removed from all websites of the group”, the media group message reads. Also, 1+1 media added that the program got to the websites of the media group after the purchase of e-mail mailing lists service Traqli, of which Newzmate is the developer. Also, the media outlet of the website offered to use the mailout service for free of they use the mining script. This offer was denied, yet the script was implanted to the group websites anyway. The media group filed a complaint to the Department of cyberpolice of the National police of Ukraine. 1+1 media also reminded that covert cryptocurrency mining scripts were found in the end of September at the websites,,,, and others.
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