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Rules for journalists how to conduct oneself with the military

01.03.2022, 12:43

IMI has prepared a memo on the peculiarities of communication with the military:

  • Do not record or get out the microphone of without first asking the other person to permit it. Do not take pictures of the faces of fighters, positions, weapons. 
  • Do not report on the number of troops, weapons and coordinates of the position, unless this information is available from official sources, as this may affect the course of military operations.
  • Do not take pictures yourself with the fighters - you do not need the enemy to see this photo on social networks.
  • Remember that ordinary fighters do not always have access to all the information about the combat zone, but they are a good source of information about what is happening on the ground. 
  • It is better to ask the soldiers what is happening where they are deployed.
  • They are also not obliged to give you information, this is your job to get it. Be friendly, stay calm, even if the fighters will behave threateningly. 
  • Use cameras carefully: the lenses can give reflection as an optical sight. Or look like an rocket propelled Grenades. This means it becomes a potential target.
  • Never pick up a weapon. Avoid journalists who carry weapons and shoot. Do not take bullets home with you, even if the fighters offer them to you as souvenirs.
  • Also, be calm and confident at checkpoints. Clearly identify yourself as a journalist. 
  • Comply with all legal requirements of the military. Do not be silent, but do not be overly talkative, answer simply and clearly. 


These rules also apply to communication with territorial defense. People who have joined the defense are not always military and do not know about military regulations.


All parties have to treat each other with the utmost respect.

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