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Highest level of jeansa in online media in Ternopil, Odesa and Kherson regions - IMI research

29.07.2019, 16:08

During the parliamentary election campaign, the highest level of jeansa among regional online media was identified in Ternopil region - 13% of the total number of materials, Odessa region (7%) and Kherson region (6.5%). These are the results of the content research of online media in 22 regions of Ukraine conducted by the Institute of Mass Information NGO. * The lowest percent of paid-for materials were recorded in the online media of Khmelnytskyi (0.5% of the total number of materials in the online media) and Rivne (1%). The main customers of political jeansa in all surveyed regions were the local majoritarian candidates, who had 48% of the total number of jeansa. As for the parties, the first place among the customers of jeansa in the regional online media was "Opposition Platform - For Life" (10% of the total number of materials with signs of order in online media). One should remind, the same party is leading as a customer of jeansa in the national media, as to the results of relevant monitoring. The second and third place was taken by Volodymyr Zelensky's party "Servant of the People" (7,5% of the total number of materials with signs of order) and Petro Poroshenko's "European Solidarity" (6%). It is interesting to note, the online media of Vinnytsia region had one third (36%) of materials with the signs of order that were favouring the party "Ukrainian strategy of Groysman". The IMI study showed that jeansa favouring the "Opposition Bloc" prevailed in the eastern regions of Ukraine (Kharkiv, Donetsk (unoccupied territories), Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk regions) : 23% of all materials with signs of being paid-for. Instead, in the southern regions (Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa), the most of "jeansa" was revealed in favor of the rival of “Opposition block”, namely the political party "Opposition platform - For life" : 23% of all materials with signs of order recorded in these regions. In the western regions (Transcarpathian, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Volyn, Chernivetska, Rivne, Khmelnytsky regions), the largest amount of materials was recorded in favor of the “European Solidarity” party : 11.5% of the total number of materials with signs of order. Finally, the central regions of Ukraine (Zhytomyr, Chernigov, Sumy, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Poltava, Kirovograd) had two "leading-customers" for each. In these regions, we identified the most of materials to the benefit of two political parties: "Servant of the people" (13% of the total number of materials with signs of order), and “Opposition Platform - For Life” (12%). The total number of materials with signs of black PR was 5.5% of all materials with signs of order. * Within the framework of the study, IMI experts analyzed the content of 220 popular online media in 22 regions of Ukraine - Vinnytsa, Zaporozhye, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkiv, Kherson, Nikolaev, Poltava, Zakarpattia, Volyn, Donetsk (non-occupied territories), Zhytomyrska, Ivano-Frankivsk , Kirovograd, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi and Lviv regions. The monitoring of materials was conducted from June 24 to 28 this year. All materials from the newslines of online editions during this period were analyzed. The total sample was 27610 materials. The research was conducted within the framework of the Institute of Mass Media project supported by the US Embassy's Media Development Fund in Ukraine. The views of the authors do not necessarily coincide with the official position of the US government.  

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