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46% of female journalists and 22% of male journalists experienced increase in workload while working from home - IMI research

08.04.2020, 18:40

During quarantine, 46% of women journalists experienced an increase in workload while working from home. While only 22% of male journalists complained of an increase in workload.

These are the results of an anonymous poll conducted by the Institute of mass Information on March 19-24, 2020 *.

According to the survey results, the main burden for journalists was the growth of homework (18.5% of the surveyed women journalists) and the need to cook more for family (17%). Among men, 16% and 11.5%, respectively, complained of an increase in similar loads.

At the same time, 46% of men journalists told that it was difficult for them to plan their daytime and work well rewmotely. Among women journalists, 40% mentioned this problem.

This is curious to see, men were more likely to point out in the survey on tensions and anxiety in their relationship with their partner (10% of the interviewed journalists). Among female journalists, 2.5 % of female respondents reported having problems with their partner.

The study was conducted by the method of anonymous questionnaire. A total of 200 responses were received from journalists 77% of them work in online media, 10% in printed press, 9% in television 4% in radio. 64.5% women and 35.5% men. 60% are journalists from all regions of Ukraine, 40% are journalists from Kyiv. The study was conducted during March 19-24, 2020 .

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