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Ukrainian journalists urged to unite themselves to stand against pressure

16.11.2021, 10:50

Today, on the Day of radio and TV industry workers, we urge Ukrainian media workers to join the MediaMovement.

Seven years after the Revolution of Dignity, the independence of Ukrainian journalism is under attack again. Professional standards are being replaced by anonymous channels, bot farms, and oligarch-owned media that only serve their sponsors. Business moguls
are strangling the media. While the government, which is supposed to protect the freedom of speech, is the one suppressing it.

We are calling for those reporters who remain honest in spite of the current environment. Those guided by ethical standards and not by someone’s wishes. Who refuse to put a price tag on their conscience. It is time to unite. New elections are coming soon and everyone knows what that means - renewed pressure from oligarchs, business moguls, politicians, and the government.
Separated, we are powerless against this threat. Together, we are unbeatable. We proved it during the 2004 journalistic revolution and the Stop Censorship movement in 2010-2014.

However, now we have an even more ambitious goal before us: creating an efficient self-governed journalistic organization that will be capable of combating the business and political pressure put on the freedom of speech. An organization that could unite all Ukrainian journalists.

If you support our cause, visit

The newsletters will contain all the information about the MediaMovement, including the criteria and procedure for joining the MediaMovement. Join us. And together we will protect our voices.

Media Movement 

November 16th, 2021

Signed by:
Sevgil Masaieva, editor-in-chief, “Ukrayinska Pravda”
Myroslava Barchuk, UA:PBC
Anna Babinets,
Andriy Yanitskyi, Espreso TV
Natalia Ligachova, Detector Media
Oksana Romaniuk, Institute of Mass Information
Yuliia Bankova, NGO Hromadske
Yevhenia Motorevska, editor-in-chief, Hromadske
Anna Myronyuk, journalist of the closed Kyiv Post
Mykhailo Tkach, head of the Investigation department of Ukrainian Pravda
Andriy Kulikov, Hromadske Radio
Tetyana Troshchynska, Editor-in-Chief, Hromadske Radio
Natalia Sokolenko, Ukrainian Radio, UA:PBC
Denys Bihus,
Oleg Bazar,
Sonya Koshkinka,
Natalia Vyhovska, journalist, IMI representative, Zaporizhia
Dmytro Tuzov, host of Radio NV and the Media Club program
Svitlana Ostapa, Detector Media

Borys Davydenko, Editor-in-Chief of
Taras Petriv, Society Foundation
Vadym Miskyi, Detector Media
Zakhar Kolisnichenko, journalist, IMI representative, Cherkasy
Maya Golub, journalist, IMI representative, Lutsk
Serhiy Nikitenko, journalist, IMI representative, Kherson
Alyona Romaniuk, journalist, "On the other side of the infos", "On the other side of Putin's lies"
Gaygysyz Geldiyev, Senior Partner, Jnomics Media
Galyna Petrenko, Detector Media
Otar Dovzhenko, Detector Media
Alyona Bereza, journalist, IMI representative, Khmelnytsky
Oleksiy Zakharchenko, journalist, IMI representative, Sumy
Yaroslav Gulan, journalist, IMI representative, Uzhhorod
Oksana Trokoz, journalist, IMI representative, Zhytomyr

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