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20.02.2012, 03:25
Organization title: non-governmental organization “Institute of Mass Information”

1) Monitoring of six national editions (“Fakty”, “Segodnya”, “Economicheskie Izvestiya”, “Korrespondent”, “Ukrajinskyi Tyzhden”and “Komentari”) was conducted for compliance with journalistic standards and posting the so-called “jeans”.

2) The most egregious violations of journalistic standards and "jeans" were posted on blogs (Telykrytyka, Livejournal, TweetDeck). Alexander Akymenko is blogging.

3) Article by Oleksandr Akymenko was published
Is Law on Advertising abrogated?

Alcohol advertising returns to news-papers

4) As a response to IMI appeal, Ukrainian Government instructs the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy to turn to the editorial board of the print media with requirement to place the names of columns "Advertising" and "rule of advertising" in a way that insures the right of consumers for protection against hidden advertising.
Earlier, the IMI had submitted a formal appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding non-compliance with the Law of Ukraine "On Advertising" and review of the refusal from the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy to IMI appeal (letter dated April 14, 2011 to separate advertising from other information) on taking measures against the newspaper "Segodnya" for violation of the law. Advertising is placed in the news-paper under the headings "Open letter", "Sponsorship", "Companies news."

5) Material and formal appeal to the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy was published:
“Ukrainian Government supported IMI appeal concerning advertising in “Segodnya” news-paper”

4) A normative reference on “jeans” with indication of its legal aspects and norms of current legislation, which regulate the issue of hidden advertising, was developed and published:
Dmytro Chopovskyi. “Jeans”: normative reference.

5) Internal Directive on Monitoring, with detailed procedures of its conduction by IMI, was elaborated.

6) Coordination of activity and gathering of information on monitoring was conducted in the regions (Donetsk, Crimea, Lviv).

7)    According to the results of monitoring journalistic standards and "jeans" the following materials were written and distributed:

1. Press release on monitoring of standards. July 2011.
2. Press release on monitoring of “jeans”. July 2011.

8)    According to monitoring results the reports were written and posted on the IMI website.

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