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27 legal consultations provided by IMI’s lawyers over phone emergency line

18.02.2019, 20:34
Since 15th January, IMI lawyers provided 27 legal consultations to the journalists and mass media over the phone emergency line. The Institute of mass information is going to advise the journalists whole professional rights are infringed. To get the legal aid you should call the number of emergency line of IMI: (050) 447 70 63 (the days of the week and the election day), or send a message to [email protected]. Our lawyers Roman Golovenko and Ali Safarov are providing the free legal advice. Legal aid concerned in particular: - denial of access to operational meetings; - denial of access to the press briefings held by the candidates for the presidential election in case if the journalist had not been invited to this meeting; - editorial statute of municipal mass media outlet which had been reformed, the rights of its journalists, procedures of the municipal media outlet privatization; - inaction of prosecution officials within the cases of obstruction to lawful journalistic activity; - use of drone aircraft by the journalists; - author right; - right of journalist to communicate to officials; - procedural steps and the libel trials against mass media; - ban to take pictures in the court during pronouncing of a sentence; - registration of an online edition; - requisitions as to disproof of information from an official; - repost of fragments from a printed press outlet without authorization of its author. The emergency line is to function 24 hour the presidential election day, 31st of March 2019. All inquiries are to be considered effectively! Our legal service will help you to defend your rights and will provide advice as to further steps. Our analytical service will gather the facts of violations and communicate it to prominent international institutions and law enforcement bodies demanding to probe into these cases. The journalist can upload from internet the free device application for the press during the election period ZMIa,. Its aim is to be a support for the journalists working during election and contains all necessarily information on rights and safety of the journalists, legislative bases and specificities of election coverage. The grounds of this device the manual “Mass media and election. Autoregulation, safety and law”, elaborated by IMI and Media Detector. ZMIa could be loaded from GooglePlay onto mobile gadgets operating with OC Android.
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