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ZIK reported an attempt of raider seizure by MP from Petro Poroshenko Bloc. The MP denies it

18.12.2017, 16:33
TV channel ZIK reported there was an attempt of raider seizure by the MP from the faction “Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” Hlib Zahoriy. This was reported in the statement released by the channel, published on December 15 at the website of the channel, Radio Liberty reports. “The administration of the TV channel ZIK states that the reason of the latest events is investigation of lethal traffic accident where car from the cortege of ZIK's investor Petro Dyminskyi was participating, namely – notice on suspicion and potential inclusion to the international red list, and refusal of the owner “to surrender administration over the channel for 3 years”, the channel comments. The statement indicates that the mentioned “proposal from Dyminskyi was recently received from Presidential administration, with MP Zahoriy and his wife Kateryna as authors – and after this, manipulations on how exactly Dyminskyi is associated with the traffic accident started”. “These events will have absolutely no impact on our position and the editorial policy of the TV channel. We will get support from international institutions that protect freedom of press”, Director General of the media holding ZIK Ihor Turkevych commented. At the same time, Kateryna Zahoriy reported to “Ukrainska pravda”, that she and her husband, Hlib Zahoriy, really asked about managing the channel ZIK on their own behalf, and the Presidential Administration has nothing to do with this. For the context, on December 15 the police put on the wanted list the president of Football Club “Karpaty” ad honoraria and co-owner of TV channel ZІК Petro Dyminskyi. The case relates to the traffic accident that took place on August 18, 2017, on the road  Lviv - Krakovets near the village of Yamelnia, Lvivska oblast. The driver of the car Mercedes-Benz S65 collided with the car Opel Astra, which caused death of the driver in “Opel”, 31-year-old woman, local resident, Natalia Trila. At first, the responsibility for being the driver was taken by the security guard of Dyminskyi. The relatives of the woman who died claimed that Dyminskyi was driving personally. LAter, the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that based on DNA analysis, the security guard was not driving when the accident took place.
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