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Zhuravsky against sues mass media: this time his enemies are three web-sites

15.02.2013, 12:59
 On February 13, 2013, MP from the Party of Regions Vitaliy Zhuravsky brought a suit to the Shevchenkovskiy District Court of Kyiv against three websites with a demand to admit false information about him, which was published on the websites, and to pay moral damages totaling 400,000 hryvnias. reported about this referring to a copy of the MP’s claim in its possession.

In his lawsuit, Zhuravsky asks "to recognize false and degrading the honor, dignity and reputation the information circulated on February 6, 2013, in an article entitled "Zhuravsky called the biggest violator of election legislation in Zhytomyr" on the web-site of RegioNews news agency, “First Zhytomyr information portal" and

The MP wants to get a compensation for moral damages in the amount of 400 thousand hryvnias. "100 thousands of moral damages will be recovered from the "RegioNews", 150 thousands – from "First Zhytomyr information portal", and 150 thousands from the editor of », - stated the MP in his petition.

The MP thinks that the sites carry out a special campaign against him: "Against me, unfortunately, a number of web sites is carrying out a violent and systematic dirty campaign. Frankly, I have long refrained from going to court, I did not want to spend the most precious - time. However, some sites crossed the line. So I have the only way to protect – to go to the court, which I did. The will have to answer for the false," – Zhuravskiy said.

MP Vitaly Zhuravsky was elected to Parliament in a majority district number 66 in the Zhytomyr region.

Zhuravsky is the author of the notorious bill number 11013, on the criminalization of defamation, which was approved by Parliament in the first reading on September 18, 2012, and, on October 2, it was cancelled through public protests.

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