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Zelensky’s HQ replied: no press conference before debate

16.04.2019, 21:15
Dmytro Razumkov, press officer of electoral headquarters of Volodymyr Zelensky, replied that the press conference of the candidate for the presidency before the debate is “a project that is hardly feasible”. Razumkov told it interviewed by the Radio NV, as to “Novoe Vremya”. “With the best will, this is of little probability, as we have, in fact, only a couple of days left. On Friday, we have the debate. The team is to be presented before the second round, as Zelensky told. So, having respect to the colleagues, I guess this project is such hardly feasible”, he said. He added Zelensky was goingto hold the press conference after the second round of election. As to him, the Candidate’s team covers all the key issues of his future politics in a sufficient measure”. IMI reported today, the representatives of several mass media and media institutions have made public an open letter addressed to the candidate for the presidency Volodymyr Zelensky, appealing him to hold a press conference no later than April 18th (before the day of debate). “Within your election campaign you have made public dozens of video reels which became newsbreaks for news and articles. You accorded interview to some elected mass media before the first round of election, but since last weeks, you personally have been avoiding a direct and full value communication with Ukraine journalists, the open letter said.
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