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Zaporizhzhia website threatened from russia again

24.05.2022, 15:00

The editorial mail of the Zaporizhzhia website received another threatening message from russia. The employees of the online publication were told that russian law enforcement officers already have their personal details.

The website's editor-in-chief Eric Brynza told this to the IMI representative in Zaporizhzhia region.

According to him, an email from user "Raurd Zhukanova" has arrived from the email service on May 21. The email with the subject "Heads up, they are coming for you soon!" reads: "The personal details of all employees of your media have are long in the hands of russian authorities. That is why you will soon be held accountable for all the crimes you have committed in support of Zelenskyy's Banderite junta!"

According to the editor-in-chief, the number of such threats has decreased. If earlier, the editorial office used to receive them almost every day, now the number of such letters has significantly decreased.

We remind that the publication had been receiving threats from the russian federation regularly.

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