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YouTube still has not banned the channels of the Kremlin-backed quasi-republics – IMI survey

16.05.2023, 16:03

The Institute of Mass Information identified at least five channels of the Kremlin-backed illegal armed groups "DNR" and "LPR", as well as a channel run by the Russian invaders who temporarily occupy Crimea.

This is evidenced by IMI's survey on Russia's use of YouTube as a platform for propaganda.

These channels are "Novorossiya TV", "NOVOROSSIYA TV ARCHIVE", "(Z)Novosti SVO Video", "Za Donbass (Yunion TV channel)", "Tribunal DNR" and Millet Channel.

They post footage of unidentified corpses with severe injuries, interviews with Russian war criminals and pro-Russian instigators, spread fake news and glorify the Russian army and the armed groups affiliated with it. Despite all the gross violations, these channels have still not been taken down by the video hosting's team.

Read more about the Russian and pro-Russian YouTube channels that target the foreign audience and still upload their propaganda content to the platform here.

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