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Yevpatoria: unknown burnt journalist's car

21.03.2017, 17:02

In Yevpatoria (Crimea occupied by Russia) on the night of March 20, unknown set a car into a fire. The car belongs to the journalist of all-Russian newspaper "Yevpatoria zdravnitsa" (Yevpatoria sanatorium) Sergey Ovsyannikov. "Yevpatoria Courier" reported with reference to the QHA agency .

The white Nissan of the journalist was set on fire around 03:30, the journalist's son reports. He with his neighbors managed to extinguish the fire before the arrival of firefighters. He found a canister, intruders had left on the hood of the car. The front housing and internal parts of the vehicle have suffered serious damage.

Ovsyannikov himself relates the arson of the car with the publication of a resonant article "The collapse of the operation "Kaluga" in the last issue of "EZ" on March 14. The article tells about the falsified auction on the sale of land for residential development in autumn 2015 held by the "administration" of Yevpatoria. Results of the auction, according to the suit of the "Prosecutor's Office" of Crimea, were consistently annulled by the courts of all levels, including the arbitration court in Kaluga.

Due to the fact that the article mentions four current representatives of the city "authorities", including the "Head of administration" Filonov, the journalist believes that the arson of the car was a warning.

According to him, city police show no interest in investigating the incident.


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