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Writer Artem Chekh suffers concussion on the frontline

25.05.2023, 14:45
Photo: Artem Chekh on Facebook
Photo: Artem Chekh on Facebook

Ukrainian writer Artem Chekh suffered a concussion while fighting for Bakhmut.

His wife, author and director Iryna Tsilyk, announced this on Facebook.

She noted that her husband had not been in touch for almost five days.

"The first time it was so scary. You just know that your beloved is somewhere there, and at some point a comrade of his finally gets in touch to joyfully announce that he himself is a 300, and 'Chekh is fine, everything is alright, don't worry!'" Tsylyk wrote.

According to her, the day before, Chekh had left Bakhmut with the other fighters, having spent the last "five days under relentless fire, with almost no water, no food," but he had suffered a concussion there.

"Yesterday he and his boys were finally able to leave their position and he recorded a quick video for me to reassure me: that's it, I'm back in touch. I can't believe this is my husband. This is some other person with different eyes. Concussed, but alive. Just one piece of shrapnel stuck in his backpack in a pack of cigarettes," the director said.

As reported by IMI, Ukrainian authors Artem Chekh, Artem Chapeye, and Iryna Tsilyk refused to participate in The World Voices Festival in New York due to Russians being present there.

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