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Woman, who threatened editor from Lutsk, wants to sue

30.07.2017, 20:08
The editor of the online media outlet «Volyn24» Yuriy Rychuk recently reported he received threats from the owner of «Lutskkondyter» Tetiana Polska. After text messages with threats he contacted police. And now the woman plans to sue him. This was reported by the regional representative of the Institute of Mass Information in Volynska oblast. On his Facebook page, Yuriy Rychuk published a screenshot of the text message from Tetiana Polska, where she says she is suing him. The editor confirmed the information to IMI. For the record, after the editor refused to take down a material from the website, he began receiving text messages with threats. Two published materials on the «Volyn24» website covered the story of the enterprise «Lutskkodnyter», starting from 2006, when the OJSC «VKF «Lutskkondyter» was purchased by the investment company «PolArt-Capital», whose sole founder was entrepreneur Tetiana Polska. After the texts were published, the woman who introduced herself as Tetiana Polska, made several phone calls to the editor with the demand to take down the materials. In a phone call, editor Yuriy Rychuk explained to her that taking down materials goes against the media outlet’s policy, as well as journalist  standards, and common sense. That is why he offered to publish on the website a material presenting her point of view (which he promised to publish as is, without edits or cuts) or to go to court. As Yuriy Rychuk said in his comment for IMI, in their phone conversation she insisted she was not going to publish anything on the website «Volyn24». After the phone call, on that same day, Yuriy Rychuk received a text message from her number. The text message read: «I demand you take down the shit about me from the website. I demand». And also «Or I will advertise the shit out of you and your Pashchenko (Volodymyr  Pashchenko – the first owner of the website – author.) and his wife».
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