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When covering European integration rally, cameraman and journalist of the Ukraina TV channel were injured

28.11.2013, 11:46

When covering the European integration rally, the cameraman and journalist of the TV channel "Ukraina", Vyacheslav Filiushkin and Kateryna Filippenko, were injured. 
On November 24, during the clash between the people rallying for Ukraine's integration with Europe and the special forces unit «Berkut» near the building of the Cabinet of Ministers, Kateryna Filipenko, the correspondernt of the TV programs «Sobytiya» and «Sobytiya nedeli», was injured. Her hand was seriously bruised, and she suffered chemical burns of mucous membranes.
On November 25, during the clash between the rallying people and «Berkut» special forces at European Square, Vyacheslav Filiushkin, the cameraman of the news channel «Ukraine» was injured (programs «Sobytiya» and «Sobytiya nedeli»). 
«We, together with the correspondent Olena Shevchuk, were covering the events at European Square on Monday evening. Around 8 pm, the clash between the forces occurred, let us call it that. From one side, «Berkut» , from another side – the protestors. I found myself in the center of this mess. Naturally, I was filming everything. The professional reflex is to prioritize the camera's safety, so I raised it into the air. Meaning, my hands were up, and I could not defend myself. Everyone was pushing pretty hard, but I did not really feel any serious pain then. Probably, due to adrenaline rush», Mr. Filiushkin says.
After the filming, however, he felt sharp pain in his ribs. He came to the ambulance which was standing nearby, and on the next day he was X-rayed. The doctors diagnosed chest injury, yet no fractures or cracked ribs were detected.
«I can work, - the cameraman added, - Just for some time I will not be covering the European Square events, not to aggravate the injury, but I can film more «peaceful» areas. In fact, I do already».
For the context, on November 24 in the clash with «Berkut» the cameraman of Channel 5 Ivan Nakonechnyi and the correspondent of «Ukrainskiy Tyzhden» Stanislav Kozliuk were injured.

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