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Website of Kremlin media KP briefly shows truthful information about Russia's war

13.02.2023, 15:45

At least 10 publications condemning the invasion of Ukraine appeared on the website of the Russian Kremlin propaganda media "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (KP) in the evening of February 11. "Meduza" reports this, citing the project "To Be Continued".

The headlines of since-deleted articles included the following:

  • "Crimea is Ukraine. Russia must give the peninsula back";
  • "Russia has been occupied by Putin's regime";
  • "The Russian Federation is behind the crimes in Bucha, Izyum and Hostomel";
  • "Kremlin regime released prisoners and gave them weapons";
  • "Peace is not coming because of Putin: Zelensky signed a decree banning negotiations with Putin personally";
  • "Torturing Navalny: how political prisoners are treated in Russian prisons".

According to "Meduza", some of the articles opened with the following words: "The article is not authorized the editorial office of Komsomolskaya Pravda, aimed at exposing the lies of the Kremlin regime, led by the bloody dictator Putin and his gang of cynical thieves in power, who are behind the genocide of peaceful people in Ukraine".

Publications were placed by "Komsomolskaya Pravda" news editor Vladimir Romanenko. "To Be Continued" published his monologue. The journalist said that he was 24 years old and that he was against the war, but had had to accept a job at the KP in September 2022 because he had needed money.

Romanenko said that he posted the articles criticizing the government as a campaign for the anniversary of the war starting. He made web archive copies of the articles so that they could be found even after they were removed from the publication's website. The articles were deleted less than 10 minutes after, and the chief editor texted Romanenko that she "hadn't expected such a thing" and blocked him on Telegram.

The journalist said his actions were "atonement".

Photos – screenshots from video by "To Be Continued"

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