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Website "Holos-info" confirms their journalist Olha Svorak is detained

23.06.2016, 00:37

Olha Svorak, who was detained on the occupied territory of Luhanska oblast by militants is indeed a correspondent for the newspaper “Holos narodu Ivano-Frankivshchyny” and the online media outlet “Holos-Info”. This was said in the statement by the head of the All-Ukrainian Association “Holos”, Rostyslav Hudzynskyi and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Holos Narodu Ivano-Frankivshchyny” Vitaliy Chornenkyi, published on the website “Holos-Info”.    

The publication states that Olha Svorak was in Kyiv on an editorial assignment, and her travel to the territory controlled by "LPR" was her own decision related to her personal matters.

The editor assumes Olha was taken hostage and tortured to force her to "confess". He said he does not know anything about alleged connections of Olha Svorak and the Security Service of Ukraine.

As to the Security Service itself, its press secretary wrote in her Facebook entry that the message of separatists about the "detention" of a Ukrainian journalist is a fake produced by anti-Ukrainian forces, and that SBU will not comment such messages.

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