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Vice-head of Anti-Corruption bureau offended journalist who was member of selection commission

30.10.2015, 20:39

The vice-head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine for Operative and Search activities Anatoliy Novak offended the journalist from the program "Nashi Hroshi", member of the Civil Control Council (formed from the members of NGOs) under the Bureau, and member of the selection commission, Alisa Yurchenko, calling her "cattle".

The Civil Control Council produced a public address on this fact. The reason for this offence was that Yurchenko was against choosing Novak for the position at the Bureau. The general conduct of the members of administration of the newly formed agency also calls for many questions, as they are being rude and behaving not as public servants, but as "masters" of the agency, who are not reporting to anyone. The address gives some examples of such behavior, and also claims that inside the agency, there is a conspiracy of silence where higher officials cover each other and evade any responsibility for their actions or inaction. 

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