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Unidentified damaged car of "112 Ukraina"’s journalist

10.09.2014, 18:36

On September 8, the journalist of the TV channel «112 Ukraina», editor of the program «People’s Prosecutor’s Office with Serhiy Kalinin» Olena Solodovnikova received a threat in a form or a big stone on the windshield of her car. This was reported by the TV channel’s press service.

On the same day, unidentified persons also damaged the car of the civil rights activist Victor Smaliy: they scratched its entire surface, including the windshield, possibly with a metal brush. 

Solodovnikova and Smaliy believe this incident is connected with the airing of the program «People’s Prosecutor’s Office with Serhiy Kalinin», in which they both participated. The episode on September 6 was about the corruption and criminal schemes in the Ukrainian road police. It also investigated the cooperation between road police inspectors and hired thugs that attacked participants of the Euromaidan rallies this winter.

 Olena Solodovnikova responded to the threat that it is of no use to try and threaten the “People’s Prosecutor’s Office” team and that they will answer with investigations and reports.  

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