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UNIAN and ZN.UA protested to foreign media "leaking" sites of missile attacks

27.03.2022, 15:03

The Ukrainian news agency UNIAN and the publication protested to foreign media, which were live showing the locations of hits after Russian missile and bomb strikes on Ukrainian cities.

Thus, UNIAN pointed out that several foreign media - BBC, CNN and the Polish TV channel TVN24 - showed on March 26 the places where the Russian occupiers hit Lviv. The publication published screenshots from the live streaming of these media.

“We are currently showing you an example of "free" journalism, whom are above the law. While responsible Ukrainian media and news Telegram channels are forced to cut or mask the scene of the accident, or even to renounce publications at all, the world’s media feel themselves free to work live, without shame, showing in real time, "where and how much hit." It is reminiscent of a fight with one’s own shadow, "said UNIAN.

The agency asked the Ukrainian authorities to pay attention to this and solve the issue. She also called on the Ukrainian media to join the protest and draw attention to this issue.  reported that it joins the protest and urged foreign journalists not to become weapons in the hands of Ukraine's enemies. 

"Such 'freedom of speech' can cost dozens of lives in a corrected after a television picture repeating hit," the newspaper said.

As reported by IMI, earlier the Armed Forces of Ukraine called not to publish information about the shelling in real time, as such operational information may be of interest to Russian gunners and gunners to further adjust the next shot of the enemy.

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