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UNIAN and "Obozrevatel" has the most "dzhynsa" among online media outlets - IMI

27.03.2017, 15:47

Among popular online media outlets - UNIAN and "Obozrevatel" has 23 publications in week, which contain "dzhynsa" characteristics, "Segodnia" and "Fakty and commentarii" among printed media outlets - 3 and 2 publications.

These are the results of analysis of ten popular online media outlets ("Ukrainian Pravda, Ukrinform,, UNIAN,,, "Obozrevatel", and six printed media outlets ( "Dzerkalo Tyzhnia", "Novoy vremya", "Fakty i kommentarii", "Segodnia", "KP v Ukraine", "Vesti"), conducted by Institute of Mass Information in February 2017.

Promoted stories were mostly presented in outlets, in favor of Oleg Lyashko and People's Front (12%), Opposition bloc (11%), Vitali Klitschko and the KSCA (11%) and Batkivshchyna ("Fatherland") and Yulia Tymoshenko (10%). In addition, Revival (Vidrodzhennia) (6%), UKROP, Agrarian Party of Ukraine (4%), Petro Poroshenko Block (3%) and Viktor Medvedchuk (2%) has less "dzhynsa".

The balance of political and commercial jeans in the online media outlets is 80 to 20%, in printed outlets - 72 to 28%.

During the monitored week, there was no material found with signs of stove-piping in online outlets "Ukrainska Pravda", "" and Ukrinform, as well as in the printed outlets "KP v Ukraine" and "Novoe vremya".


IMI experts conducted the monitoring with the support of U-Media Internews Network Inc. in February 2017. Experts analyzed ten popular national online media outlets ("Ukrainian Pravda, Ukrinform,, UNIAN,,, "Obozrevatel", and six national printed media outlets ( "Dzerkalo Tyzhnia", "Novoy vremya", "Fakty i kommentarii", "Segodnia", "KP v Ukraine", "Vesti"). 

For more details on analytics and methodology, please visit the IMI website.


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