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UN Women published "Guidelines for gender and conflict-sensitive reporting"

06.08.2019, 14:19
The “United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women” published a manual for journalists “Guidelines for gender and conflict-sensitive reporting”. This was reported on the organization's website. The publication includes five sections:
  1. Five key principles of gender-sensitive reporting
  2. Women, peace and security
  3. Conflict-sensitive reporting
  4. Reporting on sexual and gender-based violence
  5. New media and social networks
“The media plays a key role in shaping public attitudes, including perceptions about women and men. Gender-sensitive reporting shuns stereotypes that limit and trivialize women and men to present an accurate portrait of the world and its possibilities. The news coverage of armed conflicts is profoundly gendered and largely male-dominated. Men are asked to explain and interpret the conflict in many different roles: as combatants, warlords, experts, and politicians. Women’s opinions, on the other hand, are rarely asked and if they are, it is usually from the perspective of victims” the Guidelines reads. “Integrating a gender lens into conflict reporting involves respecting the key standards of journalistic professionalism which impartially presents verified information in a fair and balanced context, gives voice to marginalised actors, and shuns gender stereotypes,” the author said. The National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine supported the preparation of the Guidelines on Gender and Conflict-sensitive reporting. Online text is available here.
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