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UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission calls for effective investigation of attacks on Komarov and Makaryuk

11.06.2019, 17:55
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The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission condemned attacks on the journalist Vadym Komarov in Cherkassy and the cameraman for TV news program “Visti” Vadym Makaryuk in Kharkiv, as the UN human rights monitoring mission reported it on Facebook. "We condemn the brutal attacks on the media professionals in Ukraine. The journalist Vadym Komarov, who had been attacked in Cherkassy in May, is in a coma. Last week, on June 7, a violent attack was perpetrated against the cameraman Vadym Makaryuk in Kharkiv. We urge the law enforcement agencies to probe timely and efficiently into these cases. Impunity for violence is inadmissible, " the report said. IMI informed, on May 4 in Cherkassy some unknown person beat the local journalist-investigator and video blogger Vadym Komarov. He was sent to the hospital. The journalist stays in severe condition in intensive care unit. Initially, tolice has instituted a criminal case under part 1 of Article 121 ("Intentional grave bodily harm") of the Criminal Code. Then, the investigators re-qualified the criminal proceedings under Articles 15 and 115 of the Criminal Code ("The murderous attempt"). Vadym Makariok was injured, when he was shooting on camera the row involving busynessmen and administration at the Barabashovo shopping center in Kharkiv on June 7th. The assaulters beat him and ran after him and kicked him on his head. He has been diagnosticated with cerebrovascular accident (stroke), he stays in grave condition at the hospital. The investigators opened criminal proceedings under part 2 of Art. 345-1 ("Threat or violence against the journalist"), part 1 of Art. 171 ("Obstruction to lawful professional activities of the journalist") and part 2 of Art. 187 ("Robbery") of the Criminal Code.
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