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Ukrainian radio stations jammed in occupied Crimea, as to monitoring report - UNIAN

16.05.2019, 13:47
Their frequencies are used to broadcast Russian radio stations over them, activists say, as to UNIAN. The signal of seven Ukrainian radio stations in 20 settlements across the northern part of the Russian-occupied Crimea is completely or partially jammed, according to a monitoring report by Crimean Human Rights Group. Their frequencies are used to broadcast Russian radio stations over them, Krym.Realii reports citing the activists as saying. The monitoring effort covered 13 frequencies of seven Ukrainian radio stations, which had received from the National Council on TV and Radio Broadcasting permits to broadcast in the northern part of Crimea from the Chonhar and Chaplynka villages in Kherson region, located near the de-facto border with the occupied peninsula. The activists monitored said radio frequencies in 20 settlements of the northern part of Crimea. “The results showed that as of early April 2019, at seven frequencies, it was possible to catch the signal of two of these seven stations (Army FM, Radio Krym Realii, Radio NV, UA Radio Promin (UA:PBC), Meydan FM, Perets FM,Stylne, UA Radio Kultura (UA:PBC), and only in two settlements out of 20 studied," the statement said. The organization has concluded that Russian auth The organization has concluded that Russian authorities in Crimea have deliberately been jamming the signal of Ukrainian broadcasters, including by airing Russian radio stations on the same frequencies. UNIAN
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