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Ukrainian psychologists intend to file complaint against STB host

16.11.2014, 22:59

Members of the Ukrainian Association of Specialists on Overcoming Impact of Psychotraumatizing Experiences, which unites psychologists from Maidan’ Psychological Service, intend to file a complaint to the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee of Ukraine on the STB TV host Dmytro Karpachov. According to them, the last drop was the latest episode of the program ‘One of Us’, in which a guest, a girl named Ilona, was questioned about incest in her family – for an hour the host was grilling her with questions about she was raped by her father in front of her younger siblings. The girl was in utter distress and was starting to cry all the time. The psychologists expressed their grave concern about the girl’s condition after such a show. Last year, one of the program’s guests committed suicide.  

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