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Ukrainian journalists started mass protests against restrictions in access to ATO zone

25.09.2015, 23:34

Ukrainian journalists started a Facebook protest against total restrictions by ATO HQ to conduct video records of important events in Donbas. They are posting the photos of their press cards to draw attention to the issue with access to information.

The journalists claim that the cards do not actually give any rights to the journalists – they are not allowed to work in places where news-making events actually take place. Instead, the headquarters has its "favorite" journalists, who in fact report what they are told to report by the HQ.

Any complaints or criticism are taken as "working for enemies". News reports are often branded as "instigation of panic." Also, official information HQ is feeding to journalists is often intentionally falsified. The journalists claim that they can work with actual frontline commanders just fine, following their requests and common sense restrictions, but the Headquarters in the army feels like a dysfunctional relic of Soviet times.

For this reason, the journalists demand the leaders in the HQ to be replaced. Also, they want the authorities not to over-complicate granting of accreditation cards to journalists and their movements in the zone of hostilities.

Journalists of channels 24, 1+1, ICTV and others already joined the event. 

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