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Ukraine’s First Lady guards asked journalists to delete dictaphone recording

11.11.2011, 07:19
According to “Segodnya” news-paper, Lyudmila Yanukovych (Ukraine’s First Lady) is a closed person and reluctant to communicate with media. No one has ever managed to arrange an interview with the First Lady.
“Our correspondents tried to talk to her in the theater. But during premiers she sits surrounded by guards and empty chairs. After one of the performances we had put some questions to her, then the  security came up to us and told to remove voice recording” – the edition informed.
President’s wife leaves Donetsk city and appears in high-level events very seldom, but she has hardly missed the big premieres in Donetsk Opera.
By the way, the First Lady came to the festival "The Stars of the Ballet" on the minivan "Honda Odyssey” ($30 - $35 thousand), on the windscreen of which journalists could see a portrait of the President.
June 19, Lyudmila Yanukovych took part in the ceremony of awarding diplomas to the first graduates of Luhansk Theological University. The University Council elected the President's wife an honorary co-chair the University Board of Trustees.
The employee of the Ukrainian State Guard commented the situation to the IMI, - “Yanukovych wife could herself ask the guards that journalists have deleted voice recording or another assumption - this information could be classified”.
According to IMI lawyers there are signs of obstruction journalists’ activity in this situation. The person being interviewed for voice recording may not require its destruction, although may prohibit publication of the interview.

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