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UAF update martial law recommendations for journalists

26.02.2024, 17:56
War correspondent. Photo by lookatmedia
War correspondent. Photo by lookatmedia

The Public Relations Department of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has updated their Recommendations for journalists on working at military facilities and in combat areas under martial law, reports the UAF General Staff on Facebook.

The recommendations include answers and explanations to the following questions:

  • the procedure for obtaining a UAF press ID and how to apply for it correctly;
  • rules for working at UAF facilities;
  • information that can not be reported;
  • rules for taking photos and videos in wartime, safety advice;
  • examples of basic requests for reporting.

The full recommendations are available here.

The recommendations also include contact details of representatives of the UAF public relations offices and military administrations.

The recommendations were developed according to the requirements of the current Ukrainian and international law and take into account the experience accumulated while repelling Russia's armed aggression.

As reported by the IMI, in February 2024, the updated the UAF Commander-in-Chief Decree No. 73 "On the organization of interaction between the Ukrainian Armed Forces, other components of the Defense Forces and mass media representatives under martial law" came into effect.

The main amendments are the streamlining of accredited journalists's access to the combat areas and a clear description of the access zones (green, yellow and red).

Based on the clarifications provided by the UAF Public Relations Office and the Press and Information Office of the Ministry of Defense, the Institute of Mass Information posted answers to journalists' most frequently asked questions regarding Decree No. 73.

The full Decree No. 73 PDF can be downloaded here.

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