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Two newspapers of Poltava terminate their printed versions

11.12.2017, 21:41
Two Poltavska oblast newspapers – “Kolo” and “Podiyi ta komentari” will stop their printed versions, and will completely transit to being online media outlets in the next year. This was reported by IMI representative in Poltavska oblast. The reason of the printed media outlets being closed down is expensive printing and high tariffs of “Ukrposhta”. “The times of paid newspapers are passing. Now, practically every politician issues and disseminates a free newspaper with TV program, weather forecast, news from everywhere and a story about that politician's work. The reader does not need to go to a kiosk (or post office), and even less - to pay money for a newspaper, as they already have a free combat leaflet from their district representative, a newspaper from city council, and a at a bus stop, someone readily handles them a bunch of papers", this was the explanation of the closing of newspaper “Kolo” by the publisher and editor-in-chief of Poltavska oblast newspaper “Kolo”, Tetiana Tsyrulnyk. The funds for subscription for the next year will be returned to the readers. The chief editor of the second newspaper, "Podiyi i komentari", Olha Tsvihunenko, explained that "Ukrposhta", state-owned mail service, informed them about increase of their tariffs, and this was the last straw. She also complained about abundant free political leaflets that compete with the newspapers. As IMI representative mentioned, “Kolo” was in print for 13 years, “Poditi ta komentari” – 5 years.
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