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TV channel ZIK says someone illegally uses brand "People's control"

27.01.2015, 15:23

The TV channel ZIK says that lately they registered many cases of the brand «Narodnyi Kontrol» ("People's Control") being used by unidentified individuals, who try to harm business reputation of the channel and to mislead the public.

For example, the channel informs, lately unidentified people, working under the name LLC-TRC «Mist-TV» (broadcasts under the ZIK logo), without any agreements or contracts with the editorial office or printing facility, launched a printed edition «Narodnyi Kontrol».

In addition, on January 9 and 15, 2015, the TV and Radio company "Lviv" broadcast a program titled «People's Control», also without any permissions or contracts for using the brand.

Also, ZIK is unhappy with attempts of some powers to involve "People's Control" into political struggle, where they always positioned it as something outside of politics, focused on social and communal problems. In case of further abuse, the channel intends to address police for protection. 

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