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TV channel ZIK claims chief physician of Kharkiv oblast hospital used force against journalists

30.05.2017, 14:44

The TV channel ZIK claims that the chief physician of Kharkiv oblast clinical hospital Bohdan Fedak used physical force against the filming crew of the channel's program “Medical Secrets”. The journalists already filed an official complaint to the police. The incident took place on May 25 in Kharkiv oblast hospital.

As the journalist of “Medical Secrets” Marta Baidaka described it, the filming crew arrived to interview the chief physician, after sending information request beforehand and giving the hospital five days to respond, as stipulated by the law. Yet, as they visited the state-owned hospital, the chief physician refused to communicate, pushed the filming crew away, and tried to break their equipment. The journalists called the police and filed an official complaint about it.

   The program is now covering the medical reform in the country, and the journalists wanted to know the details about the hospital's funding, in particular, what funds are used for the current repairs in the hospital. The hospital did not provide any written response to these questions, which the journalists also sent in an information request earlier. 

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