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TV channel of Lutsk filed complaint to the police about threats from employee of "VolynPost"

09.11.2017, 17:32
TV and radio company “Avers” from Lutsk addressed the law enforcement agencies with a complaint on threats in the Facebook network, which was in the comments of the employee of online media outlet “VolynPost” Pavlo Bereziuk in relation to journalists and the editorial office of the channel.   As the complaint claims, the appeals of Bereziuk to commit acts of physical violence against journalist and set the TV channel on fire are dated November 3 and are registered in the comments under the entry by the representative of non-governmental organization “Samooborona Volyni” ("Volyn Self-defense"), Oleksandr Nikolaichuk. The TV channel reported that on November 3, about 22:00, during the work of "Avers" journalists near police administration building, they noticed a group of men wearing military uniforms. These men introduced themselves as members of “Samooborona Volyni”. As the journalists approached, the people started a conflict with them, and one of them, Oleksandr Nikolaichuk, was recording and streaming the encounter. As the stream was broadcasted at Nikolaichuk's Facebook page (entry as of 03.11.2017, 22:35) in the comments there were threats and appeals to commit violence against journalists. Because of this, the TV channel administration filed to the police a complaint and request to defend them and to bring to responsibility the people who were instigating violence.
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