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TV channel 112’s filming crew has been released after two weeks of LPR’s captivity

04.09.2014, 01:39

The filming crew of the TV channel «112 Ukraina» – the journalist Hanna Ivanenko and camera operator Nazar Zotsenko, who have been held for two and half weeks as hostages by representatives of the terrorist organization «Luhansk People’s Republic», are now free thanks to the support of the Russian TV channel LifeNews. This was reported by news anchors of the TV channel «112 Ukraine». Hanna Ivanenko contacted the TV channel’s editorial office and reported that both she herself and the camera operator were not injured or harmed.

 The filming crew was detained by the terrorist near the town of Rovenki (Luhanska oblast), when they were driving to the location to film a special news story about transfer of the captured Ukrainian military to the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

They safely passed one of the terrorists’ blockposts but got detained on the next one. They were given no explanation of the reasons of their detention.

The TV channel decided not to make the fact of their abduction public so that no interferences were created to the negotiation process.

 The journalists of the Russian TV channel LifeNews transported the crew from the terrorists-controlled territory to safety.

Still unknown is the fate of Kharkiv journalist and activist of the Union of Ukrainian Youth Roman Cheremsky, who, according to his brother, was detained in Rovenky along with the ‘112-Ukraina’ filming crew.  

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