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TV channel «112 Ukraina» received phone call about bomb – staff evacuated

20.08.2014, 01:36

On August 19, Kyiv police received an anonymous call about a bomb in the building of the TV channel «112 Ukraina» in Kyiv. This was reported by the TV channel’s press service. This was not the first time that the TV channel is receiving such threats.

The call was received around half past one, and the police team and the team of the Emergency Response Service arrived on site promptly and evacuated the staff. The premises, both the building and the surrounding territory, were swept for any explosive devices.

On August 8, a similar call was received by the police, the TV channel’s staff was evacuated, too. The sweep found no explosives. 

On August 4, unidentified persons tried to blow up the transformer station that powers the channel’s building.

On July 25, an unidentified man threw a bottle with an incendiary liquid. 

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