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TSN journalists got warned they "could stay in amber pits" when they recorded footage for story

08.10.2015, 13:59

The filming crew of the program TSN.Tyzhden from the TV channel 1+1 encountered resistance of local people, when they were taking footage on illegal amber mining. The locals threatened the journalists that they "could stay here in amber pits," if they keep covering this topic. The subject of the research by TSN journalist Serhiy Halchenko was, “Is it possible to reconcile the amber mafia and interests of the state?”  

As the story reports, it is not the first month of the war between amber miners and police, but the Parliament still failed to approve a law that would allow legal mining of amber.

“In the dense Rivne region forests, it is not difficult to find the "Klondike". Places that used to be forest are abundant. Hundreds of hectares landscapes have been destroyed in a barbaric way. When we tried to find the people, who created these Martian landscapes, local road police fed our routes to the locals, and the amber miners were quickly getting away. We had to record discreetly, as we were warned that we can stay there, in those pits …”, Serhiy Halchenko told in his story. 

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