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TSN journalist wounded in Russian strike on Zaporizhzhia

05.04.2024, 22:05
The injured TSN journalist Kira Oves. Photo by TSN
The injured TSN journalist Kira Oves. Photo by TSN

TSN journalist Kira Oves (1+1 TV) was injured by Russian shelling in Zaporizhzhia on April 5. She has had her temple stitched, TSN reports.

She was injured by a double tap strike. It happened when the reporters were filming the aftermath of the previous strike on the city.

"I'm actually feeling fine, but as my friends tell me, tomorrow what should have happened today will catch up with me," the journalist said.

According to her, at the moment of the second strike the crew was filming the aftermath of the enemy shelling, the shattered windows and the debris.

"I don't have the words to tell you what it was like, because you hear a whistle, you hear a roar, and it just explodes somewhere. We immediately started running away from the place, the police gave me first aid, and later we found out right there, on the spot, that my colleague was injured. She is in the hospital now, the doctors say nothing about her condition. So far I know that she is undergoing surgery," Kira Oves said.

When asked about the state of other victims, the journalist said that some people were lucky – they received minor injuries and did not need hospitalization.

"The ones I saw in the hospital sitting next to me are more or less in the same condition as me. Some refuse to take a sick leave... Everyone's heads are bandaged, some have bruised hands, legs, face. I also have two stitches and a shaved temple now, but overall I am very lucky," said Kira.

Ukrinform correspondent Olha Zvonaryova was wounded by shelling in Zaporizhzhia on April 5.

As the Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko wrote on his Telegram channel, both journalists came under a double tap strike while working at a shelling site.

"The enemy cynically strikes again just when the police, emergency workers, medics, and journalists arrive. At the moment when our units are trying to rescue the victims," Ihor Klymenko wrote.

On April 5, the Russians struck Zaporizhzhia twice. The attack killed three people and injured 19.

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