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Trail of "Sekretni materialy" program has xenophobia elements – IMI lawyer

25.09.2020, 15:49
Photo credit: Screenshot from the video of 1+1 broadcaster
Photo credit: Screenshot from the video of 1+1 broadcaster

IMI lawyer Ali Safarov saw some elements of xenophobia in the trail of the "Sekretni materialy" (Secret Materials) program of the "1 + 1" TV channel. 

Such was his comment made at the request of the online publication "Bukvy" as to the trail of the of the program "Sekretni Materialy" entitled "Сross my palm with silver, darling: digitalization against gypsy arbitrariness" on TV channel "1 + 1".

"Specifically, this trail gives an impression that " Gypsies "are an ethnic group engaged exclusively in criminal activities, and there is no explanation that " Gypsies "did not mean the Roma ethnic group, but only certain specific people engaged in anti-social activities," said the lawyer .

According to him, the topic of xenophobia is very subtle and has many nuances. "Calling criminals based on their ethnicity is really xenophobia," Safarov said. 

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