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Three journalists injured in skirmishes near Kyevo-Sviatoshynsky court

14.01.2014, 12:23

On the eve of January 11, in skirmishes near Kyevo-Sviatoshynsky court  three journalists were injured. They are the photoreporter Maksym Levin, the journalist Oleksiy Chernyshov, and the journalist of the information agency "Poriad z Vamy" Olena Bilozerska.

 According to the information agency "Poriad z Vamy", Olena Bilozerska, who wore an orange vest with PRESS written in large letters on its back and carried a large video camera, was looking for a vantage point when somebody pushed her in the back so hard she flew for a couple of meters. She injured her hand in the fall. According to the people who helped her get up, the man that pushed her was tall – it was night and in the dark they were not able to see more.

The photoreporter Maksym Levin was hit several times with a baton and kicked by Berkut fighters even after he told them he was a journalist, and his camera was broken (according to him, it was done intentionally). 

According to, the journalist Oleksiy Chernyshov was severely beaten. An ambulance was called for him, but he refused to go to hospital.

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