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The SSU has no plans to assassinate Solovyov: he will choke on the "products" of his own propaganda

25.04.2022, 18:05

The Security Service of Ukraine has stated that it has no plans to assassinate russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. They called such accusations another "creative work" of the russian FSB.

This was reported in the SSU's Telegram channel.

The SSU noted that it is systematically working to strengthen Ukraine's security and "does not intend to seriously comment on the new fantasies of the russian secret services, which are simply inventing another achievement for the russian audience."

The intelligence service also noted that Solovyov is a russian analogue of Goebbels who will be held accountable for his crimes in international courts after Ukraine's victory.

"The SSU has no plans to assassinate V. Solovyov. At the same time, given the number of fakes and anti-Ukrainian hatred broadcast by this person, he may choke on the 'products' of his own nefarious propaganda work," the SSU stated.

Earlier on April 25, russian president vladimir putin said that Ukrainian special services were preparing to assassinate propagandist Volodymyr Solovyov.

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