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The possibility of registration and self-regulation of Ukrainian online media was created

22.11.2011, 02:56
Now Ukrainian Internet media have the opportunity to register officially as media. Six associations, public media organizations united to provide them with opportunities to act on a self-regulation conditions.
The representatives of information initiatives on the issues of protection of freedom of speech announced this inforamation at a press conference on July 19. The initiative includes the Internet Association of Ukraine, Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers, Independent Association of Broadcasters, Academy of Ukrainian Press, Institute of Mass Information.
Head of the Board of the Internet Association of Ukraine, Tatyana Popova, noted that the danger of influence of authorities on Internet regulation, which may caused a destruction of fundamental freedoms of the internet - freedom of communication, existed. According to her, authorities initiate various attempts to limit media rights. These attempts are mainly related to the legal status of such media, strengthening of measures to fight spam, with the identification of Internet users.
"We believe that involvement of the state in the process of transition to information society should be limited" - she said.
She thinks that registration of Internet media should be found completely in the hands of associations of such media, and development of civil regulation, media self-regulation is a step forard to the development of information society in Ukraine.
"Lately we have really been concerned about the state desire to control and regulate Internet" - the executive director of the Institute of Mass Media Victoria Syumar said.
“Opening of criminal case over threats to Inna Bogoslovska in her blog, and as a result a great interest to central servers of Internet Media in Ukraine "Ukrajinska Pravda" and " "- this is a serious sign that the state is trying to control everything. The same happens in Donetsk with online edition "Ostriv", where the police made a request to the provider with the aim to obtain access to the servers of online media.
Inna Bogoslovska said that they were interested in having these Web-resources developed, however, offered to draft the law on regulation of Internet together.
Good laws on regulation of Internet don’t actually exist in the world. The most advanced world experience is self-regulation. When most online media themselves define the rules by which they can define those resources which have joined. But the main condition is not to violate Ukrainian legislation.
If there are claims to the registered media, then the community itself, not the state undertakes obligation to examine the nature of these claims and make some sort of warning regarding this or other media."- she said.
It is possible to register online media and declare its own principles of editorial policy at the site which was created specifically for this matter:

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