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The only opposition channel in Odesa disappeared from airwaves

18.10.2011, 08:30
The independent television company “Krug” has disappeared from Odesa airwaves. Company employees are convinced that in such a way Odesa authorities are trying to prevent the only opposition channel form broadcasting.
Company employees sent an appeal to the Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Eduard Matviychuk, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka, Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Vasyl Tsushko, as well as a number of embassies of the European Union states, international human rights organizations, trade unions and unions of journalists.

Text of the appeal:
On 18 October the signal of the only opposition TV and radio company “Krug” disappeared from cable networks of “Chorne More” and “Breeze” operators. These operators retransmit signals to Odesa residents living in Kyiv and Suvorov districts of the city. The official reason: no signal on the air of distribution company “CTV-Odesa”.
Company engineers reported to editorial staff of the opposition television company that the modulator of the distributive TRC “Krug” channel “burned out”. Meanwhile, the signals of all other channels were being transmitted smoothly.  “CTV-Odesa” employees refused to report on the term of fixing, citing the fact that the owner, Dmitry Zubov, would solve this problem. While Mr. Zubov has neither given an indication about the repairs necessary nor allocated funds for them. "
According to the channel management, in such a way Odessa authorities are trying to close the only opposition channel in the city. Besides, the statement says that the mayor of Odessa is trying to do this not for the first time.
"Employees of TRC “Krug” are withstanding another attempt by the authorities to close the channel, which is out of favor with them, with deep indignation. Earlier, Odesa Mayor Kostusev tried to evict the team of TRC “Krug” from their premises. Following this, Kostusev tried to ruin the company with two lawsuits of 100 UAH thousand each; the cases are still under consideration. However, before reaching the desired conclusion, they simply stopped broadcasting of TRC “Krug”.
Odesa mayor’s office reported that they had no relation to the disappearance of TRC "Circle" from the airwaves, but confirmed information about the lawsuits.
In September 2011 three Kharkiv TV channels - ATN, "Fora" and "A / TBVK” stopped broadcasting after they were pressured by the local authorities.


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